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 To be eligible for the graduation exam it is compulsory:

  • for the graduation candidate to submit the thesis on line in PDF format via the On Line Services selecting the function "Registration for/withdrawal from the graduation session" / POLITesi within the established deadline;
  • for the supervisor to approve the thesis on line via the Professor services Portal (Thesis management) within the established deadline.

Deadlines and information on thesis submission and approval are published on the TeDOC (Thesis Service), as well as information about the deadlines, submissions and approvals.

On registration for the Graduation Session, The graduation candidate must:

  • complete the Graduation application
  • complete the programme assessment questionnaire, in anonymous form and destined for the Ministry
  • complete the CV destined for the Politecnico di Milano Alumni Association for the Carees Service
  • print the bank order for payment of the Graduation fee amounting to  78.91, comprising the following items:
    • € 44.29 diploma cost (Parchment roll)
    • € 20.00 special contrinution for admission to Graduation exam
    • € 14.62 stamp duty 

Once the procedure has been concluded, the graduation candidate will receive a communication in his/her institutional webmail confirming pre-registration for the Graduation Session (the status of confirmed pre-registration or registration is also available by accessing the On Linde Services).

The final assessment takes into account the student's entire career within the Programme. Marks are expresset out of one hundred and ten and the result in considered positive with at least 66/110.

In the PDF file you have step by step instructions for online thesis submission and approval.