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ICT Engineering, Business and Innovation

Within modern enterprises, Computer Science and Engineering graduates are expected to work on IT-centered projects, but at the same time they must be aware of the managerial, economic, and societal impact of their work. That is why companies are now seeking professional profiles that combine a solid computer science background with managerial capabilities. This track aims at filling this gap, by providing candidates with a mix of pre-selected Computer Engineering and Management Engineeering courses. This allows students to focus on the foundational aspects of the two disciplines, and then to concentrate on some advanced topics in Computer Engineering.
Furthermore, the track includes a broad cross-disciplinary project course, carried out in collaboration with companies, whose aim is to put students in touch with real-life industrial scenarios, groupwork and exchanges between different roles, thanks to the mix of Computer science and Management students.

Career Opportunities

The professional profile originating from the ICT Engineering, Business and Innovation track is that of a Computer Engineer that is capable of developing new enterprises or that, in a company context, can actively collaborate with the management.

Further Information

This track is open to a limited set of students. Students that intend to enrol must submit a formal request to the student secretary (via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) including a personal CV and a motivation letter. The selection committee will decide on the admission to the track prior to the deadline of the study plan submission. Notice that adherence to the plan is strict. Any change with respect to the listed courses will automatically lead to the removal of the student from the track.

First Year courses

CourseTitle Sem CFU
A choice of Group INF1 -- 20.0
Web Science 1 5.0
Business Process Modelling 1 5.0
Foundations of Operations Research 1 5.0
Mobile Applications 1 5.0
Advanced Web Technologies
2 5.0
Digital Project Management 2 5.0
Performance Evaluation of Computer Systems 2 5.0
Web and Internet Economics 2 5.0


Second Year courses

Course Title Sem   CFU CFU Group  
Accounting, Finance & Control1 1 10.0 10.0
Strategy & Marketing1 1 10.0 10.0
ICT and Business in Transformation Lab1 1 15.0 15.0
Leadership & Innovation1 2 10.0 10.0
Final Examination2 1/2  20.0  20.0 



  1. It is strongly suggested that the following courses of Group INF1 are selected: “Advanced Software Engineering” (088947), “Database Systems 2” (088955), “Advanced Computer Architectures” (088949), “Computer Systems” (089011).
  2. The courses “Strategy & Marketing”, “Accounting, Finance & Control”, “Leadership & Innovation” and “ICT and Business in Transformation Lab” will be held in the Milano Bovisa campus.
  3. The master thesis must be taken within ING-INF disciplines.