04 nero      Engineering of Computing Systems - Como Campus                  

To guide the students in defining their curricula and to leverage the unique course offerings of the Como Campus, four study plans have been pre-defined, corresponding to four main cultural areas:

  1. Web and Communication
    1. Web Science and Engineering
    2. Communication and Society Engineering
  2. Ambient Intelligence and Data EngiĀ­neering
    1. Ambient Intelligence
    2. Data and Signal Engineering
  3. ICT Engineering, Business and Innovation
  4. Sound and Music Engineering (*)

While still allowing plenty of choices, these three curricula are pre-approved in advance by the advisory committee and the timetables will be designed in order to minimize schedule overlapping for the courses in the pre-approved plans. It is worth noting that plan (3), due to its strong interdisciplinary characterization, is rigidly fixed (changes are not allowed).

(*) The formerly available pre-approved study plan in Sound and Music Engineering has been transferred to Milano Leonardo. Only the second year will be available in Como in 2016-17 for students enrolled in previous years.