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The master degree in Engineering of Computing Systems is a two-years long program offered in Como Campus. Three different tracks are available: Data Engineering, Communication & Society Engineering, Sound and Music Engineering.

This program has the twofold objective of guaranteeing a high professional qualification and of providing students with strong engineering skills. Such characteristics are crucial to achieve the flexibility and the ability to adapt to the new technologies that are emerging in the rapidly evolving panorama of ICT. Besides classical foundational courses for a Master Program in Computer Engineering, the course offerings at the Como Campus are particularly rich in the fields of computer engineering methods and applications for communication and society, data engineering, and sound and music engineering. M. Sc. graduates in Computer Engineering can operate as freelance professionals or within private firms or the public service. By passing the qualification exam recognized by the Italian Government ("Esame di Stato per l'abilitazione all'esercizio della professione di Ingegnere dell'informazione"), M. Sc. graduates in Computer Engineering can become licensed engineers and enrol in the professional register ("Sezione A dell'Albo degli Ingegneri - settore dell'informazione").