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Here you can find the most relevant questions about internships.

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There are two types of stage: curricular and extra-curricular. The first can be mandatory (when the internship is present in the study plan) or optional (when it is attended for thesis reasons). The second case is when the internship is attended neither for credits acquisition nor for thesis reasons.In case of mandatory curricular stages the credits will be assigned according to the student's study plan, as long as the minimum duration condition was satisfied (to be verified before the stage starts) and the stage had a strong IT (or similar) component.In case of optional curricular stages the academic tutor and the thesis supervisor have to be the same person. The chosen topic for the internship have to be approved by the thesis supervisor.For extra-curricular stages there won't be credits of any type. Furthermore, the stage won't have to be characterized by a strong IT component, although it is strongly suggested.
There is a mimimum duration only for curricular stages and it is calculated by this formula: 25 hours * number of CFU related to the internship/thesis in the study plan. The maximum duration is 12 months (set by the law).
Yes but you will have to break the stage in two parts and formally stop the first part 1-2 weeks before the graduation day. The second part will necessarily be extra-curricular.
There are three steps to follow:

  1. Stage individuation: a stage can be found on the career service portal (in this case the student has to subscribe through the portal and proceed with the interview. If the result is positive he can go on with step 2) or provided by your own in a company. In this case the company will have to register on the portal, follow the instructions and insert the stage on the portal associating it with the student.
  2. Stage assignment and attending: in order for the stage to be assigned, the student must send the SAT delegate (via email) his ID, the stage code, the stage type (see above), the academic tutor's name (in case of curricular stage) and the starting and ending dates. The stage can begin 3 or more working days after the delivery of the formative project in the administrative office or the portal. Once the SAT delegate has approved the stage assignment, the student will receive by mail the formative project (to be signed by the university tutor and the company tutor). The signed forms (the original copies) must be delivered either to the administrative office in Como in case of curricular stage, or to the Milano Career Service in case of extra-curricular stage.
  3. Stage conclusion (only for curricular stages): once the curricular stage is over, the student prepares the following reports: -report written by the student (the form is available on the portal once the stage is over); -report written by the company tutor (same as before). Then the student shows the reports to the academic tutor, together with the conducted work. The tutor will proceed with the verbalization (in case of mandatory curricular stage). The student deliver then the reports in the administrative office. He can ask the SAT delegate the internship certificate (only for internships on the portal).

Possible topic variations must be agreed with the academic tutor. In case of variation of the stage duration the student has to follow the procedure in "Steps for the stage" on the Career service portal.
The academic tutor can be chosen autonomously among the student's professors or asking the SAT delegate.
For mandatory curricular stages two types of job activities are recognized:

  1. Job activities conducted as internship but not classifiable like that, for example because the student has been hired by the company: in this case he must ask the SAT delegate the acknowledgement, before he starts such activity.
  2. Job activities conducted by working students in the IT (or similar) field, already integrated in the world of work for several years. In this case the student can ask the acknowledgement of the activity for the stage credits by sending an email to the SAT delegate.

In both cases the student must provide the project details, indicating: job typology, period of time, company address, the referring company manager (who will sign the final report), a description of the activity. In the second case and at the end of the activity in the first case the student must send a report about the activity, which has to be circumstantial (about 4 pages). In case of multiple projects, only one will be chosen. Once the SAT delegate has approved it, the student must deliver the delegate the report (on letterhead or with company stamp), signed by the student and the company manager. Finally he must communicate to the SAT delegate the internship code that appears on the study plan, the semester and academic year it was inserted in.


The signed forms (the original copies) must be delivered either to the administrative office in Como in case of curricular stage, or to the Milano Career Service in case of extra-curricular stage.