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Following are the most frequently asked questions and some details that you should take into consideration while submitting your Study Plan.

The deadline for submitting Study Plans changes annually, but it is usually within the first two weeks of October. After that, optional modifications can be made at the end of the first semester. These modifications, however, can only affect the second semester.


An extra fee is added to your fees.  Please, respect the deadline.


This can be accomplished by submitting a list of courses to your webpoliself area. There is a tutoring video that will guide you through the process of constructing a Study Plan.


When you submit your Study Plan, you must satisfy all the constraints outlined in a particular track. Hence, we suggest to put the courses that are mandatory to your track first, and then the other ones following the guidelines of your track. Doing so will automatically mark your Study Plan as compliant to the Curriculum of your Laurea by the web application. Otherwise, if this is not the case, your Study Plan is going to be reviewed by the Study Plan Committee (SPC) and will not be automatically approved. The SPC is the body which is responsible for the validation of Study Plans. If the SPC deems your Study Plan as not compliant to the Curriculum for your Laurea, then changes to your Study Plan will be enforced and you might have to follow courses which were not indicated in your original Study Plan.
Submitting your Study Plan in practice consists in filling out a number of positions into which you can put courses. Courses may be inserted as Effettivo, Sovrannumero or Autonomo.


An Effettivo course is a course which is inserted in a regular position within your Study Plan. All courses should preferably be inserted as Effettivo. In this case your Study Plan is automatically marked as compliant and is not subject to changes by the SPC.


The WebPoliself system helps you in filling your Study Plan following the guidelines of your track. Nevertheless, sometimes you may need to "force" the system into adding some courses. Adding even one autonomous course in your Study Plan will make the whole study plan "autonomous" i.e. your Study Plan is no more compliant to the Curriculum of your track. In this case, you will need to seek for approval by the Study Plan Committee (SPC) for your Study Plan to be valid. Autonomo courses are counted in the credits. Note that in case your Study Plan is not approved by the SPC you will have to change it. For this sake, we urge you to ask for confirmation or suggestions from the SPC.


A Sovrannumero course is an extra course which you apply to. This extra course is not needed for completing your Laurea and it is counted neither in the ordinary 120 credits nor for the computation of your Laurea mark.


You may only indicate a maximum of 30 credits as sovrannumero in total for your two years.


You may switch an exam in the current Academic Year from effettivo to sovrannumero. Furthermore, you may switch an exam from sovrannumero to effettivo in order to fill a missing position in your Study Plan (within your 120 credits). However, note that even if sovrannumero exams do not count for the computation of your Laurea, they do contribute to your university fees.
For example, suppose you compiled a Study Plan with a total of 60 CFUs. If you then decide to switch a 5 CFU course from effettivo to sovrannumero, and add instead another 5 CFU course as effettivo, then you should pay 65 CFU, i.e. you pay 5 more CFUs for the new course even though only 60 CFUs count for your Laurea.


Every year Politecnico di Milano hires some students to work as tutors for helping new students to fill their Study Plan. When the period for Study Plan submission approaches, notices with names, hours and emails of the tutors are posted throughout the whole campus. On the other hand, if you have any specific question, you can always ask Segreteria Studenti in Como Campus, during the opening hours or by sending an email.


Almost everything. Questions about the courses they attend, suggestions about what to do with your Study Plan, assistance in filling the Study Plan, rules you do not know about fees, CFUs and so on.